California Public Agencies Compensation Survey

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Heads Up! We have a new version available. CalPACS 4.0 is availble to use. We've completely redesigned CalPACS for ease of use including:

Note: Logins for the new site are based on your email address. Invites to the new site are being sent. If your having trouble singing into the new CalPACS 4.0. Contact Noel Proffitt for help.

03/20/18 - CalPACS Update

The CalPACS Board was busy in 2017 and we’d like to fill you in on some of the changes that are taking place so that CalPACS remains a valuable resource to our member agencies in 2018. Last year, we enhanced our website and launched “CalPACS 4.0”, making it easier to access and retrieve data and to establish individual user accounts. We have also become a not-for-profit entity. This status strengthens CalPACS’ transparency and provides a mechanism for greater member participation. In the coming months, we will be reaching out to member agencies for additional feedback on how we can continue to improve and meet our member agencies’ needs. We will also be seeking volunteers to serve on the CalPACS Board.

New to 2018, member agency billing is changing to a fiscal year cycle to better coincide with agency budgeting. The 2018 member renewal invoice amount will remain the same, in the amount of $ 275.00, but is expanded to cover an 18-month billing period from January 2018 through June 2019. Invoices for this period will be issued in June 2018. Please note that future payments should be made payable to “CalPACS” (no longer to the City of Tustin).

As a member-driven entity, agency participation is essential to CalPACS’ success, which includes ensuring that agency pay and benefits data is up-to-date. We appreciate your efforts in maintaining that data and if you have questions or need assistance with entering data or generating reports, please contact our CalPACS Administrator, Barry Newton, at (714)281-7300.

We look forward to bringing you greater changes in 2018, including expanding the benchmark classifications and strengthening our reports features. If you have questions or would like to get involved, please send us an email at

Thank you,

CalPACS Executive Board

02/22/18 - Welcome to 2018 and Please Confirm your Data

If your agency has recently adjusted salary or benefits with the new year, please make sure to update the pay rates for your benchmark classifications, as well as for any benefits changes. Keeping salary and benefits information current is what makes CalPACS work. Thank you!

05/26/17 - New Site

We've completely redesigned our new CalPACS site for ease of use and additional functionality:

  • Smartphone and tablet friendly.
  • More powerful and flexible reporting.
  • All report columns may be sorted, selected, or searched.
  • Vastly improved benefits and perquisite reports
  • Vastly simplified data entry across tiers or an entire agency.

Note that we've changed the way members access CalPACS. Members now sign into the site using their email address.

We will be offering web-based training on the new features in June – more details to follow. In the meantime, if you have questions about how to access or navigate the site, please contact