California Public Agencies Compensation Survey

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Heads Up! We have a new version available. CalPACS 4.0 is availble to use. We've completely redesigned CalPACS for ease of use including:

Note: Logins for the new site are based on your email address. Invites to the new site are being sent. If your having trouble singing into the new CalPACS 4.0. Contact Noel Proffitt for help.

05/26/17 - New Site

We've completely redesigned our new CalPACS site for ease of use and additional functionality:

  • Smartphone and tablet friendly.
  • More powerful and flexible reporting.
  • All report columns may be sorted, selected, or searched.
  • Vastly improved benefits and perquisite reports
  • Vastly simplified data entry across tiers or an entire agency.

Note that we've changed the way members access CalPACS. Members now sign into the site using their email address.

We will be offering web-based training on the new features in June – more details to follow. In the meantime, if you have questions about how to access or navigate the site, please contact

07/09/16 - Reminder To Update Your Salary Ranges and Rates

Given the new fiscal year and the adoption of new salary schedules, our regular CalPACS members should be updating the salary ranges and rates using our Entry- Batch Entry mode. This will require that you enter the new range minimum and range maximum rates (or control points) to do so.

07/06/16 - Updating Your Retirement Contributions and Cost Sharing

You will want to make sure to continually update your CalPERS formulas, employee and employer contributions, and cost sharing allocations within your Retirement Entry screen. This feature was recently updated with new examples to make it more obvious how the rates should be filled in.

01/21/16 - Updating Your Employee Counts For Each Position By Tier Group

Our CalPACS Entry screens provide you with the ability to report the number of employees for each employment tier for your agency. Please note that you will need to reconcile the number of employees in each employment tier to produce accurate reports for our CalPACS members. Otherwise, you will be reporting the exact same employees in more than one employment tier which will lead to inaccurate CalPACS data.

You can use use Position edit screen to change your employee counts by benchmark job by tier. The most efficient way to prepare for this task would be to run an internal agency payroll report by employment tier, rep unit, and job classification. We are sorry for this inconvenience but it will be the best way for all members to have accurate data. Thanks for your assistance in our multiple tier world!